Mission statement:

The Oriental Culinary Institute is the first ever culinary institute in Europe to offer bespoke professional courses, focusing in Oriental cuisine. The OCI strives to become the bridge between the West and East; minimising language barriers by running courses in English, whilst exploring and highlighting Oriental cuisine as well as its cultural significance and background, to ensure a deepened understanding of specialist techniques, ingredients, and recipes. Our aim is to provide students with the necessary skills, mind sets, and confidence to succeed in a professional or commercial kitchen environment whilst providing them with an enriched appreciation for Eastern flavours.
Other Highlights of OCI classes and courses

  • Leading Oriental chefs teaching traditional Chinese and S.E.Asian cookery techniques
  • CTH Accredited courses with qualifications and certificates for employers or prospective employers
  • Suitable for beginners or amateurs through to executive chef or private caterers who are looking to
  • repertoire in a cuisine that they struggle to learn through just recipes
  • Students are given more of insight into Oriental food culture and how to adapt it for Western palettes
  • The OCI is the hub of oriental culinary arts in the Western world, offering inspiration to professionals and emerging chefs across the continent.
  • Courses are intense and disciplined, whilst fun and incredibly interactive.
  • There are also opportunities within the course dates for students to be involved and fully immersed in the food industry itself as we have great partnerships with some of the top restaurants and brands in the country. We love to give our students the opportunity to learn from the best, whilst making contacts within the industry itself.