The Oriental Culinary Institute's passion to provide access to Eastern cuisine in a Western setting could not be clearer. We believe our success lies with each individual student's ability to achieve their goals in the kitchen. It is our goal for OCI to truly become a hub of oriental culinary arts in the Western world, offering inspiration to professionals and emerging chefs across the continent. We are proud to have served the following students, supporting their career paths in the food industry.

Dim Sum

Mafalda, striving to open a small café - Portugal
"I enjoyed everything about the course, the special attentions from all the school of wok team, I met very nice people during the 5 day course. It was a pleasure!"

Evelyn, large-scale event caterer - Nigeria
"I truly liked how hands on the course was and how much we covered in just a week. There was good balance of activities. The amount of dishes we learned was very satisfying. The school has a very relaxed and fun environment, and the professionalism just tops it off."

Georgia, private caterer, UK
"Clear instructions and demonstrations delivered professionally by extremely knowledgeable teachers. I was really impressed by how Chef Jeremy was able to answer questions on all areas of Asian cooking. I felt like in the 5-day period the perfect amount of content was covered."

Kirsty, private yacht & chalet chef, France
"What I enjoyed the most was the way it was taught and the atmosphere at the school. The teaching technique was very good. The way the course was structured was perfect, learning the easier techniques first, moving to more complex dumplings as the days passed."

Professional Diploma

Casper, sous chef - UK
"I think that the teaching was really spot on, a perfect balance between getting the techniques across and fun as well. I was a little surprised at the beginning of course at how rigorous the marking and the constructive criticism was, but quickly came to understand that this was vital for improvement."

Midory, private caterer - Brazil
"Teaching techniques were excellent, with a great selection of demos, and an even better emphasis on practical learning which made the cooking experience much easier."

José, restaurant owner - Spain
"Taking the course has helped me discover a whole new world of food." Jose

Becky, Oriental supermarket owner, UK
"I loved the attention to detail, Jeremy was always giving us extra help when needed. Thanks for the fantastic time. I've learnt a lot and I am very grateful. I've really enjoyed the people, the atmosphere, the lesson plan and most of all, eating what we made."

Nick career changer - UK
"I recently completed the three week professional cooking course in August 2014, which was excellent. An avid amateur, I was interested in a more rigorous approach to Chinese cuisine, and the School of Wok delivered the goods. Although we practiced pan-Asian cuisine (Thai, Vietnamese, Malaysian, Japanese, etc.), chef Jeremy Pang's focus on Chinese cuisine left me feeling more confident in any kitchen and taught me several principles that will serve me well in future cooking. The pace of course was just right, intense enough to be instructive and satisfying without being patronizing."

The 7 students of the course managed to pull of a multi-course menu for around thirty people; utilise restaurant-style woks at the Oriental Institute; and achieve competence with (sometimes) unfamiliar Asian ingredients. I highly recommend the course to anyone interested in developing their cooking skills, particularly around Chinese cuisine.