Jeremy Pang, founder of London's School of Wok and The Oriental Culinary Institute attributes his love of food to his father, who was keen for him to experience exciting flavours and exotic foods as a young boy.

Coming from three generations of Chinese chefs and having studied at the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu, there's very little that Jeremy doesn't know about Eastern cuisine. "Growing up in a competitive family of Chinese chefs and food connoisseurs I quickly learnt that as we all loved eating so much, cooking was a very important skill to learn," he says.

After working in numerous high end restaurants, and having spent the last 5 years setting up School of Wok, cooking for necessity soon turned into a real passion. All the training courses here at the Oriental Culinary Institute are fully vetted and designed by Jeremy Pang with a great team of passionate and specialist chefs by his side.

Kampo But

Chef Kampo But was the executive chef of Memories of China for over 30 years. As much as his humble self likes to keep it quiet, he was the true mastermind behind the immaculate food that came out of Kenneth Lo's restaurant over that time. Chef Kampo has the ability to impress with all things Chinese, from noodle pulling to Northern Chinese Dim Sum, however, his most specialist touch is his true patience when teaching these ancient cooking techniques to passionate learners.

Chef Yun Jung Ko

Raised near a fish market in South Korea, Chef Yun fell in love with cooking at an early age. While experimenting at 7 years old, she nearly burnt her own home down after eagerly attempting to make some apple fritters.

After coming to London, to complete her art studies, Chef Yun took a career turn and started working in event catering. Starting from the bottom up, Chef Yun soon became executive chef at one of London's top event companies.

Chef Yun also boasts an extensive history of teaching, having taught Korean, South East Asian and Japanese fusion cuisine in some of London's top cookery schools for the last 10 years.