A 1-week foundation level programme that introduces candidates to a specialist dim sum techniques unique to the OCI.


30 Hours over 5 days


Price: £750.00
(inc. VAT)


All speciality equipment will be supplied for the duration of the course. Specialist knives, equipment and clothing are available for students to buy and be fully prepared for the course.


5 days of non-stop dumplings, pastries, rolling, folding and wrapping will give you a real opportunity to start to understand the intricacies involved in such a skill. The course will allow you to understand the basics and have a base to develop into a more seasoned dim sum chef if you so wish. Learn the ins and outs with our specialist chefs and prepare for some serious learning.

By the end of the 3 week course, students will be awarded a

  • Oriental Culinary Institute Specialist Dim Sum Certificate
  • CTH Specialist Certificate in Culinary Arts

Over 30 hours, our specialist chefs will cover the core preparation and cooking techniques used in specialist dim sum making. The course entails the intricacies of dim sum making and will give students a good grounding in the art of dim sum.

  • Provide an introduction to the core skills required in to make dim sum at home or venture into dim sum as a profession
  • Improve the skills of individuals & increase their chances of gaining employment
  • To provide a grounding in the art of dim sum and basic skills to develop in a specialist culinary field
  • The course is designed to introduce candidates to essential dim sum skills
  • Making pastries from scratch
  • Understanding the importance of steaming and deep frying certain dim sum
  • Making specialist breads and steamed buns
  • Understanding the intricacies of rolling, folding and wrapping hand made dim sum pastries
  • Over 20 different types of dim sum will be covered in this course

Students will not be formally assessed on this course, however the chefs will provide the right guidance to encourage future learning and motivate students to be able to conquer what is said to be a secret that only the Chinese know how to cook. This course is incredibly hands on and requires dedication and determination to want to excel in dim sum making.

  • Enthusiastic foodies
  • Chalet hosts, yacht crews & private caterers
  • Junior chefs who want to know more about new cuisines and build on their existing skills
  • Those interested in gaining knowledge about the ancient 'art' of dim sum making
  • Career changers looking to get into the food world
  • Senior chefs / restaurant owners who are keen to explore a totally new world of food
  • Chefs already in the industry who want to learn a specific skill
  • Private caterers keen to expand their knowledge with dim sum
  • Canapé or catering chefs who want to add to their repertoire
  • Corporate restaurant owners / researchers looking to expand their knowledge of dim sum
  • Small café owners looking to provide something new and different to their menus

As you see from our testimonials from previous students the 5-day dim sum course covers not just the basics of dim sum making, but also the intricacies of creating all types of complex breads and pastries in your own time. This course is an eye opener for those who love to eat dim sum and a huge addition to chefs repertoires for those who are already in the industry.