A 3-week foundation level programme that introduces candidates to a range of food preparation and cooking techniques designed to provide a basis for a career in a professional kitchen.


90 Hours over 14 days (3 weeks)


Price: £1,950.00
(inc. VAT)


All speciality equipment will be supplied for the duration of the course. Specialist knives, equipment and clothing are available for students to buy and be fully prepared for the course.


Open to all candidates who wish to learn the essential skills to step into the food trade. This course is based mainly around Oriental and Asian cuisine, however with a key focus on the core skills required to work in any kitchen around the world.

Ideal for enthusiastic foodies, chalet hosts, new B&B owners, yacht crews, or just those interested in gaining essential kitchen skills to be able to work with food. On the course you will learn dishes like the following menus: However, please note, these are just suggested menus and the dishes / recipes are subject to change depending on season and availability.

By the end of the 3 week course, students will be awarded a

Over 90 hours, our specialist chefs will cover the core cooking techniques used in all type of Oriental and Asian cuisine. The course entails a series of authentic dishes, whilst teaching you the efficiencies of working in a modern kitchen.

  • Provide an introduction to the core skills required in a professional kitchen
  • Improve the skills of individuals & increase their chances of gaining employment
  • To support the skills required within the catering industry
  • The course is designed to introduce candidates to essential kitchen skills in preparation for employment, with learning outcomes designed to develop practical cookery skills within the Oriental food context.
  • Professional kitchen discipline & food safety
  • General knife skills
  • Preparation of rice and noodles
  • Meat and poultry butchery
  • S.E.Asian cuisine
  • Authentic Chinese cuisine
  • Oriental seafood and fish
  • Traditional Indian cuisine
  • Introduction to Japanese cuisine
  • Dim Sum & Pastries
  • Street Food
  • Modern cooking techniques
  • Restaurant service

Students will be assessed throughout the course on their practical cooking skills that they pick up along the way, rather than knowledge and theory. This course is incredibly hands on and requires dedication and determination to want to excel in the food trade.

  • Enthusiastic foodies
  • Chalet hosts, yacht crews & private caterers
  • Junior chefs who want to know more about new cuisines and build on their existing skills
  • New B&B owners
  • Those interested in gaining essential kitchen skills
  • Career changers looking to get into the food world
  • Senior chefs / restaurant owners who are keen to explore a totally new world of food

As you see from our testimonials from previous students, the 3-weeks are intense and disciplined, whilst fun and incredibly interactive. There are also opportunities within the course dates for students to be involved or fully immersed in the food industry itself as we great partnerships with some of the top restaurants and brands in the country and love to give our students the opportunity to learn from the best, whilst making contacts within the industry itself.

During the course, there is also the opportunity to serve up food to real customers and practice what you have learnt under 'guided pressure'. If you join this course, you will be guided towards creating a banquet for one of our School of Wok supperclubs to put your new skills to the test!